Where is the Hillsborough Township Police Department located?
The  Police Department is located at 379 South Branch Road, in the Municipal Complex on the corner of South Branch Road and Beekman Lane.  For further directions call 908-369-4323.

What phone numbers do I call to reach the Police Department and other Municipal offices?
In case of an Emergency, please dial 9-1-1.
Non-Emergency Police Matters, please dial 908-369-4323.
Municipal Court 908-369-3532 or 908-369 4313, ext. 131.
All other Municipal offices 908-369-4313.

How do I  pay a ticket online?
Visit www.njmcdirect.com during operation hours.
Monday – Thursday 7:30AM – 11:45PM (EST)
Friday 7:30AM – 10:45PM (EST)
Saturday 7:30AM – 3:45PM (EST)
Sunday 1:00PM – 11:45PM (EST)

How do I obtain copies of police reports?
Police reports are available at the Records Bureau which is located in the lobby of Police Headquarters.  Reports are available
Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm excluding Federal and State holidays.   Please call the Records Bureau to be
sure that the report you need is available prior to you making the trip.  There is no fee for copies obtained at the Records
Bureau. Motor Vehicle Accident Reports can also be obtained online for a fee by visiting www.policereports.us

I’m interested in becoming a Hillsborough Police Officer or Dispatcher. Are you accepting applications for open positions?
Currently, the Hillsborough Township Police Department is not accepting applications for Patrol Officer or Dispatcher
positions.  However, Hillsborough Police will gladly accept resumes for placement in our future job opening files.  Hillsborough
Township Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all legally aged United States Citizens, over the age of 18
may apply.

Does Hillsborough Police Department install car seats?
Answer: Yes and No. All Services Division Officers completed a Standardized Passenger Child Safety Technical Training
Program that was sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and AAA. This program provides inspections of and instructions on the proper installation of the following Child Safety Equipment inside motor vehicle:
        – Infant seats with and without a base
        – Rear-facing and forward-facing convertible seats
        – Booster seats with and without shields
        – High back belt-positioning boosters with and without a harness
        – Locking clips
        – Belt shortening clips
        – Identification of anchor locations
Motorist wishing to have their child safety seats(CSS) inspected, must read their respective vehicle and CSS owners manuals prior to arrival. Motorist will also have to demostate the proper installation techniques of their CSS after being given proper installation instructions by the Technicians. This service, when available, is offered as a courtesy and  Officer’s will not simply install a CSS for a motorist without the motorist taking the aforementioned initial steps, including attempting to install it themselves, prior to an appointment.

Does the Police Department offer Fingerprinting services?
The Hillsborough Township Police Department provides the service of fingerprinting Hillsborough residents for specific purposes as noted. Appropriate identification must be shown at the time of fingerprinting.
        – Firearms Applications
        – Licensing Applications
        – Employment Applications
The Hillsborough Township Police Department does not fingerprint individuals for Citizenship and Naturalization.  This service must be done by a “designated finger printer”.  For information on Designated Fingerprint Service for Citizenship and Naturalization, call 1-800-755-0777.

What do I need to do to apply for a Gun Permit?
Firearm Applications may be picked up anytime at Police Headquarters.  Please note that Firearm Identification Card applicants
must be at least 18 years of age. Pistol Purchase Permit applicants must be at least 21 years of age to and must purchase a
pistol from a federally licensed dealer.