The Traffic Safety bureau is staffed by Corporal Fred Wacker, Patrolmen Pat Murphy and Frank Sencher, under the guidance of Sgt. Ken Pryor. The primary goal of the bureau is to reduce accidents and improve public safety in Hillsborough Township by aggressively addressing what is known as the “3E’s” in Traffic Safety; Engineering, Education, and Enforcement. With approximately 225 miles of roadway within the Township and the large number of assorted vehicles that traverse our roadways daily, this makes for quite a challenge which the Traffic Safety Bureau is prepared to meet. The bureau members have received specialized training in Advanced Accident Investigation, Traffic Engineering, Drunk Driving Enforcement and Breathalyzer Operation.

The Traffic Bureau is responsible for the enforcement of all traffic safety laws and includes conducting numerous radar enforcement posts and traffic monitoring posts. A particular and important function of the unit is to patrol school zones during arrival and dismissal times. This is to maintain safe driving habits by all motorists to assure that the students and school buses arrive and depart safely. The Patrol Division investigates most of the accidents that occur within the Township, however the Traffic Safety Bureau is responsible for in-depth and very detailed investigations that are required for any accident that results in serious injury or death.

The Traffic Safety Bureau investigates complaints regarding the need for installing traffic control devices, signs and markings, as well as the removal of improper or unauthorized controls. The unit is also responsible for establishing traffic related ordinances to legally support the traffic controls that are posted. Members of the unit frequently speak with local groups or students regarding traffic safety issues and participate in the 55 Alive Program with the AARP organization for senior drivers. Throughout the year the Traffic Bureau assists N.J.D.M.V. Inspectors when they conduct periodic Motor Vehicle Checkpoints.

Two Traffic Safety Officers are also sworn members of the Somerset County Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Team. The team responds to all serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents, (24 hours a day) throughout Somerset County, to ensure a thorough investigation.

If anyone has any traffic related problems or questions, please contact Lt. Fran Mozgai at 908-369-4323, ext. 628 or via email at mozgaif@hillsboroughpolice.org