A Child Goes Missing

A Child Goes Missing:
The Hillsborough Twp Police Department is member of the “A Child Is Missing” Alert Notification System Network.  A.C.I.M. Alerts will be broadcast via your home or business telephone number and will show up on telephone caller ID’s from a Fort Lauderdale, Florida phone number as that is where the A.C.I.M. Headquarters is located. If you receive an alert message, and believe you have seen or know the where abouts of that missing child, elderly, or disabled person, please telephone the Hillsborough Twp. Police Dept. at 908-369-4323.

A Child goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States.
Your child has a 1 in 42 chance of going missing…

A Child Is Missing (ACIM) is devoted to assisting law enforcement in the search and early safe recovery efforts of children / the elderly (often with Alzheimer’s) / disabled persons and college students via a rapid-response neighborhood alert program utilizing high-tech telephony systems.
The Elderly – Often with Alzheimer’s and Dementia: two dreaded diseases of the elderly. They tend to wander off and often think they are going to go ‘home’. That ‘home’ may be states away. They (The Elderly) tend to walk off and in some cases they will find a body of water, this is not good.

ACIM will make alert calls (when requested by law enforcement) to the last seen areas, to help find these individuals who can’t make rational decisions for themselves.

Disabled People who have been beaten, unconscious, or are suffering from memory loss. We will send out alert calls to find the guardian, parents, and friends. There may be other circumstances but a phone call will inform you if ACIM will run the case. Again, these alert calls are requested by law enforcement only.

A Child Goes Missing